Real Estate Marketing Ideas – part 3

Post ideas and tips for property owners, buyers and sellers on Yandex.Q

Before you start thinking about how Yandex.Q can help your marketing (or what Yandex.Q is in general), just think about the fact that this service is not just “the main expert on the Internet.” It has an endless number of threads on a variety of topics, including homeownership, buying houses, and selling houses. Find ones where people looking to buy or sell property need sage advice, or where homeowners are looking for advice on mortgages or tax deductions.

Create detailed graphs, guides, charts or maps

The best real estate marketing plan includes many charts, but not simple ones. By taking the time to hone your Photoshop skills (or saving enough money to hire a professional graphic designer), you can add amazing images, charts, graphs, and other visuals to your blog and social media posts. When that time comes, make sure your graphics provide some value to your audience, such as showing the best areas of the local real estate market.

The infographic below is a great example of this: Startup Seattle, an organization run by the City of Seattle Economic Development Authority to help create an enabling environment for local startups, has created a beginner’s guide that explains the current state of the art for startups in the Emerald City.

You can also add a pinch of humor and develop less complete graphics like Kind of Normal with the True Facts comic. The jokes of property buyers and sellers may sound trite, but laughter is a sure way to get more website clicks and more leads in your contact database.

Take advantage of the popularity of the latest internet memes

You might think that memes simply divert attention from important tasks, such as segmenting leads in a customer relationship management (CRM) system or scheduling appointments with prospects. On the contrary: memes offer a fun real estate advertising tactic that is just getting started and might bring a smile to your audience.

The moment you notice a meme (politically correct and fully workable) gaining traction, try to find a way to use it on a social network (like the Realtor Paul Fernandez message board above) or even on your blog. A post titled “10 Feelings All Real Estate Buyers Have When Looking for a Home” filled with memes could be the key to your target audience.

Make logo mockups for your agency that replicate famous company logos

If you’re a big fan of a particular TV show, include a well-known font and/or images associated with one (or more) episodes with your own real estate logo. Do it in a timely manner, share an email with your contact list showing your new, short-term branding and a message about when the new season of the show is coming out. Find a famous pop culture icon that you can play with for your own real estate ad. Just make sure you don’t use it in too many promotional materials (the last thing you want is a lawsuit and a billion dollar settlement).

Send handwritten notes

You have the opportunity to give your prospects and current customers a unique experience when they open an envelope sent through the mail and find a handwritten note inside.

Combine this strategy with the home valuation tool mentioned above. Send handwritten letters with any home appraisal reports for which you were unable to obtain an email address.

Create a referral program

While you’re building your online presence and generating new leads, don’t forget to get referrals from happy customers. One of the easiest ways to get referrals is to just ask. Focus on making sure your clients have a smooth ride throughout the home buying process, then ask them who they know.

Focusing on providing helpful tips and interesting content to email subscribers drives more referrals. Send periodic materials to your customers with useful tips for homeowners. Such a promotion will make you remembered when former clients find out that their friends or family members want to buy a house.