Real Estate Branding Ideas

Develop a strong real estate bio and add it to your About page.

When potential customers find your brand online, they will be able to feel your professional skills and personality. Create an eye-catching real estate biography by detailing your background, values, and interests, and post it on your website’s About Me page.

You are a brand, so your personal photo should show a friendly demeanor and give your brand a professional look.

Hire a professional photographer who can give you advice on the best posing and make sure your photos are clear and presentable in a variety of formats. If you are low on funds at the beginning of your career, you can try to take a professional photo yourself.

Develop a value proposition

If an agency is to be successful, you must not only have the unique characteristics that set you apart from the competition, but also be able to identify what those unique features mean to your clients, potential clients, and society.

A short value proposition should show your value and strengths as an agent. This statement will be used over and over again in your marketing materials.

Prepare a 30-Second Hook to Use When Chatting with New Leads

If you’ve created a value proposition (above), start thinking about the speech hook as these 2 steps go hand in hand. In your first conversations with potential clients, you should make a short but persuasive statement that you are a knowledgeable agent who knows the market better than anyone else. Once you’ve created your serve, practice it out loud.

 Take care of printed materials with your logo

Building a brand in your area can help grow your business. Order any of these products: calendars, pens, key chains and notepads, and print your name, logo and contact information on them to share with customers or at local events.

Send a request to clients to write a review of your services

A company’s star rating online is the number one factor used by consumers to evaluate a business.

Online reviews are widely represented in search engines. They have a big impact on business reputation and are the main source of top referrals. Take control of your brand by asking for online testimonials from those who appreciate it, and make it easy for them to post their posts across multiple platforms.

Ask Your Most Loyal Customers to Write a Recommendation

Happy customers are your brand ambassadors. Their opinions and recommendations on your site will give your brand social weight. Reach out to some of your best former clients and ask if they can provide feedback. It would be nice in writing, but even better – with photos and videos.

Come up with a unique detail of the image for yourself

Many agents stand out from the crowd either by the color or style of their clothing, by wearing a hat or a distinctive hairstyle (for example, one VP of marketing, Seth Price, is known for his pink trousers). Develop a positive, recognizable and memorable detail for your personal brand.