How to write an effective online sales ad

The editors continue to explore the pitfalls of buying and selling goods on classifieds sites. We have already written about how to properly photograph things when selling on the Internet. This time it’s about text. Especially for, the ad hyperspace has prepared some useful tips on how to write texts that will sell better than competitors.

Create a buyer persona

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. The result is always influenced by three factors: price, product photo and ad title. To write an effective selling text, you need to know your buyer. Honestly answer the following questions: who is the client (gender, age), what interests him, what problems does the product solve? The challenge is to understand who your customer is and what they want. This data will be useful to demonstrate the benefits of the product.

Let’s say you’re selling a rare model film camera. In this case, the buyers can be photographers and resellers who buy vintage equipment. They have different camera requirements. The first are more interested in technical characteristics, examples of pictures, delivery time. The second is the price of the camera on the world market, the service life and external condition of the camera.

How to write a sales headline

The title is more important than the description. It helps to attract the attention of the buyer and stand out from the competition. If the title is boring, the user will not follow the link, which means they will not read the description of the product, no matter how well you write it.

As a rule, the length of the title on popular classifieds sites is limited to 45 to 60 characters. It’s about 5-7 words. Therefore, you do not need to write obvious words like “sell” or “for sale”, “cheap” or “inexpensive”, indicate the price and contact details. The main rule is that the title should answer the question “what is it?”, convey the essence of the offer and provide important information for the buyer.

Choose the words that potential customers will use to search for your ad. First of all, this is the name of the product: office chair, bicycle. However, too many ads will fit such requests. Therefore, in order to narrow the request, and at the same time give more information, specify the title. For example, instead of “Nike running shoes”, write “Nike Air 95 men’s running shoes”. If you are selling an iPhone, indicate the amount of memory and color of the smartphone. These criteria affect the choice of gadget.

Write the ad text

Effective ad text describes the features of the product and inspires confidence in the seller. After reading, the buyer should have no doubts about the quality of the item.

What to write in the text of the ad

After studying your buyer, highlight the key features of the product that interest the client. Think about what benefits it will bring and why it is needed. Specify the technical details, write about the advantages and disadvantages that you saw during the operation. If you are selling an item from your hands, honestly indicate the reason for the sale, how and how much the item was used. So the potential customer will have fewer questions before making a purchase decision. And to motivate the user to place an order, end the text with a call to action.

How to write ad text

Build a description on the principle of an inverted triangle: first important information, then secondary. As briefly as possible and without subjective assessment. For example: “Selling men’s parka Canada Goose. Color – blue. Lining – goose down. Size – M (shoulder width – 44 cm, sleeve length from shoulder – 62 cm, jacket length – 76 cm). New condition – worn once. Reason for sale – I ordered from ASOS, but missed the size. Withstands temperatures down to -15 degrees. Perfect for a trip to the Carpathians and other winter trips. Call! Real buyers get a 15% discount.”

If the product is specific, explain where it can be used. Let’s say you sell a sleeping bag: “The bag is suitable for hiking, fishing trips or outdoor activities. Doesn’t take up much space and fits easily in the trunk of a car.”

High-quality text in the ad is one of the main components of success. When choosing between sellers with the same product, buyers will give preference to the one who bothers to give more useful information. Using our recommendations, you can not only talk about the subject in a favorable light, but also attract the attention of the client.