How to create an ad that will help you sell a car quickly

Hundreds of offers are posted on used car sales portals. To quickly sell a car, you need to create an ad that stands out and grabs the attention of buyers. How to prepare it?

Tip 1: Take at least six high-quality photos

High-quality photos will help speed up the sale of the car. The more of them, the better. Here is an example: almost 20 photos from different angles.

– Be sure to take pictures from each side of the car and at least one photo of the interior. I also recommend taking one stylish photo as “out of a magazine” and putting it on the front page. It is possible, as an option, to remove a large luminous headlight so that the car goes into the distance in the future. The video will be a huge plus. Then the buyer will understand that you are not hiding anything from him.

Prepare the car for shooting: wash and wash covers, polish glossy details. It is better to photograph in daylight – the ideal time is about 15 hours. Pay attention to the background – it should be beautiful.

If you post a minimum of photos, and even bad ones, the buyer will ignore the ad. Here is a prime example:

Such images are placed, as a rule, outbid, and buyers bypass them.

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Tip 2: Before writing an ad, study the offers of competitors

Carefully review offers for the sale of cars with similar parameters and do better. Include in the description all the important information that is in other ads.

A correct advertisement for the sale of a car must contain the following data:

  • year of car manufacture;
  • mileage;
  • where was it serviced and how often;
  • carried out repairs;
  • list of replaced parts;
  • current technical condition and what procedures are ahead;
  • equipment and accessories.

Include job phrases in the description. The following work well: “the car is in new condition”, “never let me down, didn’t break down, didn’t stall”, “didn’t give out surprises”, etc.

Use capslock to keep your attention.

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Tip 3: Tell the story of the car

All cars on ad sites are plus or minus the same. There is a lot of competition, especially if the car is from the middle price category. In order for buyers to pay attention to your “swallow”, tell her story in the text of the description. The more colorful and exciting it is, the better.

Let the potential buyer know that you really loved your car, that it never let you down and that you are very sorry to part with it.

How to write an effective advertisement for the sale of a car? I would write a touching story about how I bought this car for my first prize earned in my life, how amazingly the aura of this triumph permeated all the unforgettable years of our life together, how many handsome men whistled after her in traffic jams. I tear from my heart. Wheelbarrow – fire!

The story can end with why you are selling your favorite car. For example, you want to pay off your mortgage or buy a car of a different class.

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Tip 4: Add Emotion to Your Ad Text

The correct announcement of the sale of a car includes not only a technical part, but also an emotional one.

When a buyer chooses a car, his eyes are blurred from the same ads. And if some description stands out from the mass, he unconsciously stops and studies it more carefully.

Everything is simple here: out of several things with similar parameters, according to the laws of marketing, they choose the one that causes more emotions. Write something touching about your iron friend, as the owner of this Grant.

— As a rule, in the sales segment of used cars, the funnel is narrowed down to cars with specific characteristics. This means that buyers know exactly what kind of car they want and can afford (they have already decided on the brand, desired year of manufacture and mileage). To increase the conversion (engagement of potential buyers), you need to take into account the emotional aspects. In terms of the frequency of time spent, a car is a second home for every person, so I would sell a car just like a house: with a soul, stories and warm feelings. For example, you can write how many important, touching and emotional conversations the upholstery overheard. And by the way, it’s in perfect condition!

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Tip 5: Try Including Creative Content

It is important to write an ad like a person, not like a robot or a car dealership. Add a little creativity, and it will definitely play a plus when choosing in your favor. If you are a humorist, humor in the ad, if you are a poet, write poems about your car, if you are a fisherman, take a picture of the car on a fishing trip like a 4×4 salesman:

You can write a humorous comment on the ad, such as saying that the engine never broke down because the car was used exclusively for beer trips. You can find ideas for creative descriptions in this material.

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Tip 6: Attach a link to the auto history check report

This almost 100% guarantees success when choosing in your favor. The information in the reports is visible at a glance – you don’t have to go to maintenance with the buyer or collect history from different databases. reports display data from more than 13 sources: information about owners, traffic accidents, traffic police restrictions, collateral, leasing, fines, data on technical inspections, and so on.

This advice works if the history of the car is clean or the problems are minor, for example, a small accident.

Note in the description that you are ready to make a discount for this shortcoming.

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Tip 7: Quote and Bid

After the visual and emotional part of the ad is worked out, move on to the benefits of your offer.

You can use a well-known marketing technique – add some percentage to the desired amount and write that bargaining is appropriate. Buyers will not understand how much you are willing to reduce the price tag, and there is an illusion that you can buy much cheaper than your competitors.

The main thing in this technique is to lure a potential buyer to a meeting. If a person has already arrived, this is 90% success. The buyer has given time, he will not want to look for something again, communicate with other sellers and make new appointments. He is ready to buy a car, you just need to squeeze it.

Tip 8: Reduce the price by 1-1000 rubles

Of course, you have seen prices like 1999, 3990 and so on in stores. This is not just done. Round price tags are less effective than odd price tags in terms of marketing.

This technique, though banal, but really works. When a person considers several similar options, he will intuitively choose the one that is cheaper, even if the difference is one ruble. Purely psychologically, for example, the amount of 199,999 rubles is perceived more pleasant than 200,000.

This technique is readily used by car dealerships. Why don’t you use it too?

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Tip 9: Offer some kind of bonus with your purchase

Everyone loves freebies. If you offer something as a gift, the chances of a successful and fast transaction will increase. In the ad, you can write that the second pair of tires is given as a gift (new ones were bought only this year).

As a bonus, offer seat covers, rubber floor mats, a key fob from an authorized dealer, a branded umbrella, whatever. A trifle, but the buyer will be pleased.

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Tip 10: Offer Shared Maintenance

Write in the ad that you are ready to go with the buyer for a technical inspection. This will convince him of your honesty about the condition of the car.