Such thoughts appear in 90% of start-up entrepreneurs. But is all this really necessary on the stratum?

Today I want to share with you the technique of selling through marketplaces that will make you a real sales master.

What you need to know about bulletin boards

Bulletin boards are a good traffic channel. Their main feature is speed. You can quickly get started and get your first customers on marketplaces. You need to quickly respond to the actions of competitors, but automating sales processes will not take much time.

I know that many people consider marketplaces to be an endangered type of site. It is believed that it is impossible to make money there, people go there less and less and look for the cheapest goods.

Is it really?

No. On the contrary, the number of visits to marketplace sites, ads doubles every day. Board algorithms are getting smarter and if you use their full potential, you can earn money without having your own website and office.

Let’s figure out how to do it.

How do people search for a product?

Imagine you need a bike. You go, for example, to Olx and see millions of different offers. They offer animal cages, sofas, pianos and even antique clocks. How to find what you need among all this diversity?

Most likely, you will go to the categories and select the one you need.

I can already hear your mental grumbling: “That’s great, but how will this information help me make money?”.

Do not rush. You have just learned how the majority of buyers who come to the marketplace for some product act.

If a person has a budget of $300, he will not look at goods for $100. It will set a range of $250-350 and will look at what the search returned.

Potential customers enter some parameters and find your product. It is important to understand whether you are among those whom your customers are looking for?

How to create an ad that will definitely be clicked on?

You have chosen a product, found your category, what’s next? What is important to pay attention to?

Remember the main rule of the marketplace:

People don’t want to buy cheap. They want to buy

And your task is to show this benefit as quickly as possible. Therefore, let’s look at the rules for creating a working ad.

Attractive title
Bike. Bicycle 660 MD.

What do these headlines say? Do you want to click on them? Do you understand how the first differs from the second? Probably not. And if: “Scool XXlite18 children’s bike and pump as a gift”?

It’s clearer here. Firstly, if a person is looking for a women’s bike, he understands that such an ad is not for him, and the one who needs a children’s model understands that this is exactly his option. Secondly, you immediately show the benefits of buying from you.

Be sure to put the most important things in the headline: “guarantee from the store”, “cake as a gift”, “+ massage certificate from our partner” and other benefits.

Description. It should not be long and smeared. People don’t like to read a lot. Especially from a smartphone. Make it short, interesting and capacious. The first phrase should involve and “invite” to read the entire text.
Never place links in the description text. They divert attention and, most likely, the person will never return to your ad again. In addition, they are not clickable in the text. And in order to retype the link in the browser, a person needs to spend time, which he most likely will not do.

The same goes for phone numbers.

Place the number in a special ad field so that a person can immediately click on it and call.

If the ad is from a private person, write as a “private trader”. Avoid the words “in our store”, “our”, “we”. You may be blocked. Your task is to first pass the moderation of the robot, then the person.

Call to action. It is required. After reading, a person should not have a question: “What should I do with this now?”. Tell me specifically what you expect from him: “Call right now”, “Email”, etc.
Photo. It is important to display your positioning here. If you indicate your profile as a store, then the photos of your product somewhere on the balcony will be puzzling. In the same way, if you are positioning yourself as a private person, you should not take a photo that shows the rows of the store. The thing is that there are different clients. Some want to buy from a private person, others believe that a deal with a store is more reliable. And the wrong photos can push them away. The picture should be “delicious”. People buy with their eyes.

In addition, be sure to show your product from different sides, from different angles. In operation and different backgrounds. If you do not have a product in stock, then do not rush to use stock photos. They don’t inspire confidence. Better look for photos of other people who are already using this product and use them. But before that, make sure that these are images of exactly the product with which you will work and you are not deceiving a potential client.

You can take screenshots from reviews on Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram. Ask the supplier for live, real photos.

Important! One ad – one product.

There is no need to “cram” the entire range of the market into one short description.

Track results

If you did everything right, you will quickly see an increase in the number of orders. But if something goes wrong and you still haven’t noticed a queue of clients at your office, let’s figure out where to look for the error:

Few views. So your ad has an ineffective title/bad avatar, no guarantee.
There are views, no contact views. Look for errors in the description. Perhaps there is not what a potential client is looking for. Or it is too long and uninteresting. Test several options for descriptions.