Checklist: what the perfect clothing ad should look like

There are many things to consider when selling clothes online. The buyer should not only find your product, but also be satisfied that the item fits him in color, cut or size. Learn how to photograph clothes for sale and write eBay listings to give you a complete picture of the product.

The images make it clear what exactly you are selling.

If you are photographing an item as part of an image, the focus should still be on the item. Let the thing be in the center of the frame. Add pictures to your gallery that only show the item you’re selling.

Incorrect: it is not obvious from the photo whether shorts, a t-shirt or a bag are for sale.

That’s right: it is clear from the photo that jeans are for sale.

The product is ready for sale.

Few people can be attracted to a wrinkled or dirty thing with protruding threads and hanging buttons. Do not forget to clean and iron the product before taking a photo – it must be in a salable condition.

False: the product is wrinkled.

That’s right: the product is ironed.

The cut of the product is visible in the photo.

You have taken pictures from different angles, on a model or on a mannequin. From the photographs it is clear how the thing will sit on a person.

Incorrect: the cut of the product is not clear.

That’s right: the photo on the model shows how the thing sits.

The pictures show the color and texture of the fabric.

Do not get carried away with color correction – the shade of the material in the photo should be as close to the real one as possible. Lighting plays an important role: ideally, it is better to shoot in daylight. If you were unable to photograph the item in such a way as to accurately convey the color, write about it in the ad.

Incorrect: the color of the product is not visible.

That’s right: the texture and color of the fabric is visible, there are photos from different angles and photos of details.

If you’re selling items of the same type with similar parameters, use the Ads with Variations tool. This will facilitate the search for the buyer, and you will be able to organize and structure the entire volume of goods.

The photo shows the fittings.

Details are of great importance when choosing clothes. Show fasteners, buttons, straps.

You have indicated the brand and the country of origin.

For many buyers, this is a matter of principle.

Please note: Selling replicas and counterfeit items on eBay is prohibited. You can also not mislead customers and mention in the ad a brand to which the product is not related. Otherwise, your account may be blocked.

eBay closely monitors the enforcement of intellectual property rights. Review the terms of the Verified Ownership Program (VeRO) if you intend to sell branded products.

You have indicated the materials from which the product is made.

It is important for the buyer to understand how durable the thing is, whether it is suitable for certain weather conditions. In addition, the consumer may have an allergic reaction to certain types of fabrics.

You have indicated all the measurements.

Even within the same country and the same production, different models may have different dimensional grids. Therefore, for fidelity, it is better not only to indicate the exact parameters of the item in centimeters, but also to draw the attention of the buyer separately if the item is small or large.

You have indicated the parameters of the model in the photo.

If you are showing the item on a person, indicate his or her height and measurements. Write in the ad what size the model is wearing. So the buyer can roughly imagine how the thing will look on him, comparing the parameters with his own.

You have given information about the state of the thing.

If you are selling a used item, be sure to write if it shows signs of wear. Show any defects in the photo.

If you are sure that you are selling a really rare item, try holding an auction. And you can also use the Offer to buyers who are interested in your product function: this contributes to sales.

You spoke about the conditions for returning the item.

Even if you specified all the necessary parameters and showed exactly how the thing looks, there is still a chance that it will not suit the buyer. Therefore, give him the opportunity to issue a refund. According to eBay’s internal statistics, flexible and customer-friendly return policies can increase ad conversions by 5%-25%.

False: The seller does not accept returns.

Correct: Seller accepts returns within 30 days of purchase.

You offered different delivery options.

Include the cost of basic shipping in the price of the product, and for those buyers who are not ready to wait, offer an express option for an extra charge.

You use every opportunity to advance.

Offer a discount for purchasing multiple products – motivate users to collect a complete look in your store. Use coupons and other tools to set up promotions and advertising campaigns.

That’s right: the seller offers a discount for buying several items, and the ad immediately attracts attention.