11 best sites to sell your product online

Before we talk about sites where you can sell your product, let’s share some interesting facts about e-commerce. Some of them will surprise you and perhaps give you confidence that you should create your own online store and start selling.

Matt Algern collects various statistics about the Internet and shares the facts he finds. There are a lot of interesting things in the article, but the chapter about “e-commerce facts” is important for us. So:

  • 71% of buyers believe that an offer in an online store will be more profitable than in an offline store.
  • E-commerce sales will reach $4.9 trillion in 2021.
  • Every fourth person will buy online at least once a week.
  • Only 28% of small businesses in the US sell their product online.
  • 71% of all buyers start looking for a product without a brand name.

All these facts give confidence that the future of business will depend on whether it is on the Internet or not. Now about sites where you can sell your products.


Notice boards
To sell a small number of products or test a niche, message boards are suitable. It is easy to create an ad on them and run ads. You do not need to open a legal entity or officially become an entrepreneur in order to sell goods. It is possible to accept payment from buyers on a bank card, although it is not desirable, or by cash on delivery through delivery services.


The most popular bulletin board for residents of Ukraine. The main advantage is that you can be placed on the site for free. There are limits on the number of ads in product groups, but free ones should be enough to get started.

olx bulletin board

You can also order paid ad promotion to increase sales. There are several advertising options available: raising an ad to the top of the list, top ad and VIP ad. The price for each type of promotion depends on the city of sale and the heading of the product.


If in Ukraine everyone sells goods on OLX, then in Russia on Avito. This is a standard classifieds board, with little functionality to test a niche or sell in small numbers. Perfect for those who are just starting a business and want to test a hypothesis.

You can post for free, but there are limits on the number of ads in categories. For example, in the “Real Estate” section, you can publish 1 free advertisement for the sale of an apartment, and if you want to rent it out, you need to pay.

Paid promotion of ads is available in various ways: highlighting flowers, XL ads and several more new types of advertising that allow you to receive 2, 5 and 10 times more calls and hits.


Platforms where you can create a full-fledged online store and sell goods. There is much more functionality than bulletin boards, but the cost of placement on the marketplace will be more expensive. Most often, entrepreneurs choose to work with marketplaces when they already have some kind of assortment of goods, but have not yet reached their hands to open their own online store.


Well-known marketplace for Ukrainian clients. In terms of functionality, it far exceeds the competitor OLX. By registering on Prom.ua you get a showcase with your products and the ability to add your own domain. Users will follow your link, which will give trust to the site. Adding a domain is a paid feature, you can read about it and other features at the link.

Yandex Market

Marketplace Yandex Market

A platform that works as an ad aggregator for Russia. On the one hand, the Market is similar to a bulletin board, but on the other hand, it has a different functionality. About 20 million people visit the marketplace every month, which determines its popularity among sellers.

Here is what the product card looks like.

The buyer sees reviews about the product, how many times it was bought recently, description. Naturally, any product can be immediately purchased and arranged for delivery.


The second most popular marketplace after Y.Market. It is possible to ship goods to Ozon’s warehouses and then he will deal with the delivery himself, or use the site as a showcase of goods and deal with the shipment on his own.

For a product card, there is a standard set of options: price, delivery, description, and reviews. For the sale of any product, the seller pays a commission to Ozone. For each category it is different – learn more.

Ozone product card

Google Shopping

An advertising tool that looks like an online store. A good option to sell more goods. All sellers want to get on the first line of search engines and Google gives this opportunity. Google Shopping works as an ad aggregator and advertises them directly on search pages when a visitor writes the query “buy …”.

There are categories of goods that cannot be placed on the site: cars, tickets, real estate, financial services and a couple more. For the rest, Google Shopping is open and you can connect it to your online store and start an advertising campaign.

Google Shopping


The largest marketplace in Russia. Convenient if you have nowhere to store the goods and you do not want to worry about marketing and delivery. Wildberries offers its warehouses, advertising tools for product promotion and logistics services for delivery.

Wildberries marketplace

According to the marketplace, their website makes 780,000 orders per day, an audience of ~ 7 million visitors per day, and about 7,500 pickup points in 7 countries.


Do you work with handmade goods? Etsy foreign marketplace especially for needleworkers. It doesn’t have to be grandmother’s socks, although they will also be sold, and they are quite popular goods.

Etsy marketplace

Etsy is unique in that it is an outlet for wealthy buyers who are willing to pay for exclusive items. A handmade leather wallet on the marketplace can be sold for $40, when a similar one on Aliexpress costs $2-5.

Etsy product card

You won’t be able to sell a product that is sold in mass production, you won’t be able to engage in dropshipping, but if your product is unique, this is the best place to sell it.

Personal site

Bulletin boards and marketplaces will immediately bring customers, but they will remain customers of the sites, not yours. A client who once bought a product from an ad will not go looking for you, he will simply choose another seller and order from him.

A personal website will help you retain customers, and you will also manage the site yourself: design, integration, texts and working conditions. There are two ways to open your online store to sell products.


Free engine for sites of any complexity. The advantages of using WordPress are clear and easy settings, a large number of add-ons and information on working with the platform.

Initially, WP was created for blogs, but there is a special WooCommerce extension that will turn a regular site into an online store.

Create a WordPress blog

There are many paid and free templates that fit any product category. How much to spend on launching an online store on WordPress:

$10-15 for hosting and domain
Up to $100 for a paid template, but you can use a free one
~$30 for site setup and WooCommerce installation, although you can figure it out yourself
And money to advertise the site
Website builder
Fast, cheap and without any special knowledge, a website builder is the perfect tool to launch an online store. Weblium has everything you need to sell your product online. Let’s take a look at the main benefits.

Showcase of goods

Ability to add any number of products. If you need to import a list of goods – no problem, unloading goods is also there.

Showcase of goods

Marketing Tools
Sales engine – various marketing tricks: countdown timers, promotions, pop-ups, etc. All this is available when creating a site.

Website Builder Marketing Tools

Testimonials from real customers help future customers make purchasing decisions about your product. Add them using the “Reviews” block.

Reviews on the site

CRM and contact forms
Weblium has its own CRM system, where requests from your customers get. The same thing happens with forms. You can set up integrations with email services like Mailchimp, eSputnik or Sendpulse, and customers will receive automated emails.

CRM and contact forms

You can use the builder for free as part of the Free plan, or pay for a Pro subscription and get all the functionality for $15 if you pay monthly or $8.25 if you pay all at once for a year.

website builder cost

As a result
You can make an online store on WordPress and suffer a little with the settings, or you don’t have to suffer on a website builder. For beginners, it is better to start with Weblium, especially since our support team works 24/7 and will help you with any issue for free.

Social networks
Another place where you can sell your products online is social media. You do not need to know any of the technical aspects that you will need to create an online store. It is enough to create an account on the social network and start selling.


One of the most popular social networks for any user groups. Here you can find your client in almost any field of business. Instagram’s main focus is on visual content. If your product can be visually displayed beautifully, this is a great place to start.

What does an Instagram page with a product sale look like?
Instagram recently introduced the ability to create a full-fledged Instagram Shopping online store. You can upload products, tag them in photos, and sell from the app.

Shop on Instagram

Shop on Instagram

Now large brands are using this opportunity, but you can try to do this for your business. Not all users still have access to creating stores, so we leave a link to the guide on how to connect Instagram Shopping.