Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Build your marketing foundation

The success of a real estate agency business depends on how well you attract new buyers into your internet marketing funnel. 44% of all home buyers and 99% of millennials first turn to the Internet when looking for a property. As a real estate agent, you need a quality website that will multiply your income over time.

Homebuyers expect high quality in everything as they look for the home and realtor or real estate agency that best suits their needs. Your site should showcase all the properties you offer, as well as showcase your brand and your expertise. Tools to help you stand out include:

  • Branded texts and images.
  • Adaptive design.
  • Integration with IDX.
  • Content blog.
  • Landing pages for attracting leads.
  • Map pages.

Your brand gives website visitors an opportunity to understand who you are, what your experience in selling real estate is and how you can help them. A site that meets all of these needs has a responsive design – its pages display beautifully no matter what device (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) potential customers are using.

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange: these are files that are used to speed up database searches. As a member of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), you get the ability to host your listings on your IDX-integrated site. Don’t forget high quality images: they are the key to standing out and giving potential clients a clear picture of life after they buy a home from you.

Let’s take a look at how to use innovative real estate advertising methods on your website to attract new customers and increase sales.

1. Post a quiz

If you have ever been interested in this topic, then you already know that people love to take quizzes in any subject. Test your audience with a short multiple-choice quiz to your questions.

See if they know what famous people grew up in the area and if they can tell you a little about the history of your city. Questions can even be framed around broader topics unrelated to your market, such as music, movies, or some other aspect of culture.

If a real estate agency wants to be a prime resource in this niche for potential clients, consider starting a quiz on the ins and outs of buying or selling a home.
Consider these quizzes as one of the real estate advertising tools you can use occasionally – perhaps as part of your email marketing campaign. You could even create a contest: ask those who enter to fill out a lead capture form and give the winner a gift certificate to a local restaurant or coffee shop.

2. Offer users an online property valuation

Potential sellers want to know how much their home is worth. Integrate a home valuation tool into your website and get information about potential buyers.

After the visitor enters their address, they will be prompted for their email address and other information to view the home appraisal report. After he provides this information, you will have a new seller to contact.

Even if the seller refuses to sign up via email, you can still contact them via regular mail since the form on your site has already captured their physical address.

3. Make a video about you

Use videos to promote your real estate agency. Put on a black turtleneck and talk about your services like Steve Jobs. Pretend to be a political candidate and tell people why you are the right person for the job. Why, you can even talk about those companies that you should not contact, and troll them for the most unsuccessful advertising promises.

These videos need to be serious as they broadcast your value proposition and talk about what makes your agency successful and noteworthy. But, as noted, personality plays a big role in buying and selling decisions, so jokes and subtle humor about what consumers need to know about your brand are allowed.

4. Rent a car for mobile advertising

This is a unique way to stand out in the local market. Invest in a truck with your brand on the body. Offer moving services to your customers after they buy or sell their home. The real estate agency will benefit from additional branding and advertising every time clients use your vehicle.

Get creative if no one needs moving services. Park it in those parts of the city that are characterized by the highest volumes of car and pedestrian traffic.

5. Answer questions from sellers and buyers on your blog

An effective way to get content ideas for a blog or real estate agency website is to identify questions that interest your target market. Top trending topics services can help you find these questions. The most popular of these is Google Trends.

This is a free tool that generates a list of questions based on your keyword searches. For example, if you enter “moscow apartments”, the questions returned from this search might include:

Is it worth buying an apartment?
How much does it cost to buy an apartment?