What are the questions which you should be asking your potential flatmate?

What are the questions which you should be asking your potential flatmate?

You might be thinking that in choosing a flatmate, you would not have to do a lot of research and you do not have to be careful but the truth is that, a flatmate which is not suitable for you can drastically alter your daily schedule and can make your life difficult. That is why; it is always a better idea for you as well as your flatmate to interview each other before deciding to rent an apartment.

There are a few simple questions which would ensure that you as well as your flatmate know whether the shared accommodation would be the perfect option for you or not.

1. What are the working hours? 

You have to ask your flatmate about his or her working hours because if they are during the day, there would be no problem but if they are during the night, there would be disturbances in the apartment as well due to the sound of your flatmate closing the door and coming into the house late in the night. 

2. Does your flatmate have a stable source of income to pay the house rent? 

It often happens so that in order to compensate for your flatmate, you pay the flat rent for a couple of months. This however cannot go on forever because you would have to look after your finances as well and therefore right at the start, you have to ask your flatmate regarding what source of income they have in order to pay for the rent of the apartment.

3. Have they shared a house before? 

You need to ask them about their experience of sharing a house before and if they have shared, you have to ask for references as well so that you can get in touch with those references and can get some feedback on your flatmate. 

4. Do you have any addictions or any other habits? 

If your flatmate is having a drinking addition or a smoking addiction, it would impact you as well since you are residing in the same apartment and that is why, you have to ask this from them in advance. 

5. Do their friends come to visit them often? 

It is quite disturbing if every other weekend, there is a party in the shared apartment and that is why, it is important to ask about this from them as well. So, when you're thinking of opting for a shared accommodation, these are the potential questions which you should be asking your flatmate before deciding if it is good enough for both of you to move in the shared accommodation.

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