The Raw Benefits Of Lift Sharing For Money

The Raw Benefits Of Lift Sharing For Money

The Raw Benefits Of Lift Sharing For Money

Lift sharing is a great way to save money, help the environment and get to where you are going. Lift sharing is becoming more and more popular; especially now that websites exist that allow you to book lifts with strangers for a small fee. Consult the website to find out where others are going in your local area and book a lift for a small fee. Here are some of the benefits and downsides of lift sharing.

No Need To Get Insurance

If you were hiring a car, you would need insurance, or you would need to leave a deposit. With and lift sharing scheme you simply find out where others are going to and you get a lift. It only costs you a fraction of what it would cost to hire a car.

Finding Someone That Is Going Your Route Is Difficult

There is a certain element of luck when it comes to finding a lift via a lift-share scheme or website. Finding someone that is going in your direction at the time you need to go there is tough, but it is not impossible.

A lot of people go to work in the same town/location at similar times. The person giving the lift may be willing to take a slight detour to accommodate your location, and there is a chance some drivers will be arriving around the time you need to arrive. The more popular that lift sharing becomes, the more people there will be on these websites, which will increase your chances of finding a suitable lift.

It Is Far Cheaper Than Taxis

Lift sharing is not about extorting people as taxis do. It is about taking your usual commute and picking people up on the way to earn a little extra money. The people you pick up are not paying for a taxi, they are just along for the ride because they need to be somewhere in the general direction that you are going. As a lift giver, you are not earning as much as a taxi driver, but you are making money for a driving trip you were going to take anyway. Due to the fact that you are paying a private citizen for a lift, the cost is far less than anything you would pay a taxi driver.

If The Driver Is Late Then You Will Be Too

This is true enough, and if the gets you to work just in time, then you are definitely going to be late if the driver turns up late. However, even though this is a bad thing, it is true of most forms of transport (unless you have your own car). For example, if your bus or train is late, you will still be just as late for work as you would if you took a paid lift.

Make Your Daily Driving Chore A Profitable One

The biggest and best benefit for drivers is that a chore suddenly becomes profit making. Driving to work every day is boring, but it is something that has to be done (in some cases anyway). However, if you pick people up on the way and charge them a small fee for the journey, you get to turn this mindless daily task into yet another revenue stream. It is quite exciting if you think about it.
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