What Makes A Good B&B Stay?

What Makes A Good B&B Stay?

Here is what makes a stay at a B&B a good one. Here is what makes people talk about your B&B in positive terms and what makes them avoid you forever more. Do not forget that a bad experience will also make people badmouth you to the people they know, and if they have a lot of followers on social media, then their picture of the hairs in your bathroom or the floater in the toilet can reach a lot of people.

The cleanliness of the bathroom is of massive importance

People that visit a lot of hotels and B&Bs will often have trouble remembering one from another. Sure, they may remember that a helicopter landed in the garden one time, or when they were upgraded to the presidential suite, but in most cases, they all blur into each other. If you want to be remembered in the worst possible terms, then give them a dirty bathroom.

It is not just about physical cleanliness. An online review about how the bathroom had been repainted and they painted of a batch of curlies near the base of the walk-in shower, then that review will haunt your customers. The scum lines around your sinks will send people running and it will be the first thing they mention whenever anybody mentions your B&B.

People remember bad food and they remember great food

Once again--if people visit a lot of B&Bs they will mostly blur into each other. They may remember great food such as how the pulled pork was especially succulent, or how the breakfast had so many salmon slices that it filled them up. Great food is a definite selling point, and bad food is a great way to make your visitors avoid your B&B.

Give them longer for breakfast and meal times

It is common for B&Bs to serve food at certain times and no other. It makes staying at your B&Bs harder and people do not like it. They appreciate longer breakfast and meal times because most people have had the uncomfortable feeling of having to get to the dining area quickly and order quickly. It is not a nice feeling, and even though having your kitchens open for longer is more expensive, at least it adds to the quality of your B&B and helps encourage people to return.

Let people order food at night if you want to provide an exemplary service

People get hungry at night, especially when they are on holiday and their usual routine has been shot to pieces. There are very few B&Bs that will still serve food at night, but the ones that do are remembered by their visitors.

You do not have to provide a room service menu with difficult meals, but what about offering a range of sandwiches and warm convenience foods. If you really want to impress, then offer the foods that fast-food restaurants offer. Your customers may have had to get back early because the local transport links are bad, so imagine the joy they may feel if they can order takeaway in their own B&B.

Get rid of door locking times

The old chestnut of locking the B&B door at a certain time is the biggest reason people prefer hotels instead of B&Bs. It is horrible having to get back to you B&B by a certain deadline. It means you cannot enjoy the full benefit of the holiday. Is it that expensive to issue people with cards so they can unlock the front door and get in at night? Could you issue them a key? Is it possible to leave the door unlocked all night and improve your in-house security to compensate?

Stay as far away from convenience-cooking foods

As mentioned, giving your visitors bad food is a big black mark on your reputation, but so is lack-lustre food, and that can come in the guide of offering convenience food as freshly cooked. Many people sit down to a meal expecting something freshly cooked. Giving them a pizza you cooked from a box is not good enough. Giving them oven chips is not good enough unless you explicitly offer it on your menu. People can tell if your shepherd’s pie is from a microwave packet and if you made it yourself. Tricks like this save you time and money, but they give your visitors a very bad dining experience and it will negatively effect your reputation.

Give them a larger menu and do not take forever to cook it

The trick is to make larger batches of menu items and then freeze them in smaller portions that you can microwave back to full health. For example, make up a large batch of curry, freeze it in portions and microwave the portion when people order it. If you soak the rice prior to cooking, then it will cook more quickly. Nan breads can be warmed up easily too. The hardest part, the curry itself, is microwaved whilst the rest is cooked fresh. Within a few minutes you have a full and fresh curry that is of the same quality as if you had cooked the batch fresh that evening.

By making up larger batches and freezing portions, you can dramatically increase the size of your menu without too much extra energy and especially without as much waste. Some of the foodstuff will have to be cooked fresh, but the bits that don’t have to be cooked fresh can be frozen to be microwaved later.

Attentive but not annoying staff members

Being attentive means being there for the needs of the customer. Annoying means being there when the customer doesn’t need you. Give the customer a number of ways to get in touch with you. This even includes in the dining room. Have a place the customers can go to get your attention. If you have a small dining room, then always try to have at least one member of staff in there to attend to any signals the customer wants you.

It is imperative that you do not impose yourself on the customer. It may seem like a good idea to make friends with your customers, but you should only do it if they initiate it and be very aware that they may have only been being polite. Do not impose yourself by asking them if they are alright all the time because it is annoying and it interferes with their personal space and privacy, which undermines one of the selling points of staying at your B&B.

Make your vacancies very obvious

One of the big reasons people do not visit certain B&Bs is because they do not know if they have vacancies. Have an online vacancy counter on your website and2 tell people there are vacancies very clearly in the windows of your B&B.

Our society is breeding a generation of mobile device and social media addicts. The idea of walking into a B&B is preposterous to them because they can check online to see if you have places (right?). Actually making a call to see if you have vacancies is something they won’t do if your competitors are broadcasting the fact they have vacancies.

Do not play too hard on the vacancies side; i.e. if your website always shows a large amount of vacancies, then people are going to wonder why you are so empty all the time. If you do have a lot of empty rooms, maybe you shouldn’t advertise that you have as many as you do, just to be sure people do not get the wrong idea.

Impeccably clean beds

We have all see the blue-light TV shows where they shine a blue light on a bed and it glows with human excretions. There are still people that say you are a fool to sleep in the nude in a B&B or hotel bed because of the dirt. This sort of thing is complete bluster and is just silly, but a lot of people believe it.

They believe they will get fleas, nits, scabies and all sorts of other ailments and diseases if they are not wrapped in polythene in your bed. You need to give people extra reassurance that your beds are extra clean.

Advertise that you wash your sheets at 80°C, but obviously do not do something so wasteful and stupid. Just let people believe that your sheets are all-but boiled so they think there cannot be a way they could still be covered in the layers of HIV and verrucas that they believe they are.

Mention that your mattresses are steam cleaned after every use so people do not think they are sleeping on layers of other people’s filth. These are not things you tell people at the reception, but they are certainly things you can blog about and put on your website.

Make sure that your beds are perfectly presented. They must be ironed perfectly and the folds on the bed should be so sharp you can cut a loaf of bread with them (figuratively speaking). Spend extra time making the bed look perfectly presented because it makes people think the beds must also be extra clean.

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